Traditional leather work process


  After collecting the skin of cow, sheep, camel, and goat, while are still fresh by craftsmen specialized in this business, they achieve the first step of preparing the leather by taking off the wool from the skin with lime or other chemicals, Then they sale it again to the tanners for tanning and dye it into the tanneries with a lots of natural ingredients for several months depending the animal skin and the final use.

 When the pieces of leather become ready and get dried under the sun, the tanners sell their tanned leather in a specialized market of leather opened every day except Friday for all categories of trades to produce several items as Babouches, handbags, Saddles, etc…

 Those craftsmen either they will used it as it is, or they will color it depending to the final use, or the client’s demand.

Therefore Moroccan crafts generate several high quality handcrafted items; some are for the lifestyle, others for wellness style.

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