Museum Exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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ZieZo Marokko – Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

Project Achieved in Morocco by Aziz EL Ouahbi, CEO of  Handcrafted arts of Morocco.

Before given the testimonial of the terrific work that “Handcrafted Arts of Morocco” offers, I like to introduce our museum and the project.

Tropenmuseum Junior is part of the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. The Tropenmuseum is one of the three museums that form The National Museum of World Cultures in the Netherlands.

Since its establishment in 1975, Tropenmuseum Junior has designed exhibitions for children aged 6 to 13. Convinced that true understanding comes from active involvement, the museum aims to stimulate children mentally and emotionally by informing them about the world.

The methodology and quality of the exhibitions in Tropenmuseum Junior are held in high regard internationally and are an example to the museum field worldwide. In 2012 Tropenmuseum Junior was the first one to win the International Children’s Museum Award.

For the Moroccan exhibition project that will run from September 2015-March 2017 in Tropenmuseum Junior in Amsterdam we collaborated with “Arts of Morocco” for all the production in Morocco.

AZIZ EL OUAHBI was responsible for the research, production/buying, communication, storage, shipping, coordination and financial documentation of the Moroccan part of preparation for this exhibition project.

“Handcrafted arts of Morocco” in person of AZIZ EL OUAHBI made everything become true in the best way.

The artists, artisans and designers he selected were the best. His network and communication skills are excellent.

His solutions were creative and always with a great responsibility for all the people involved.

His law background and years of experience in the field of design, arts and crafts helped in being the best producer we can imagine for our project. Trustworthy and with great respect for the people who deserve this respect.

He kept the production lines short by going directly to the artists and artisans for the production.  This made it possible to get the best for our money. And the money came to the producing artists and not to in-between traders.

Because of his good network and high reputation among the artists we were no strangers for the artists who shared their personal stories with us, which is of high value for our exhibition project.

Aziz EL Ouahbi in person use all the nowadays communication skills to connect traditional craftsmanship, modern design and the needs of the global market.

Our museum is more than satisfied about our collaboration. Without any hesitation I recommend HANDCRAFTED ARTS OF MOROCCO to whoever in operating in the field of Moroccan Cultural heritage, arts & crafts, design, producing audio-visuals, export of arts, research and innovation in this field.

Liesbet Ruben / Senior associate Tropenmuseum Junior Amsterdam, Netherlands