Mr Abdelkader El ouazzani, the Famous craftsman of Brocart in Fez, Morocco

Deep in the old medina of Fez, if you ask anyone living in the old medina or a craftsman about him, He’ll tell you that he’s the last craftsman of brocart in Morocco.

I’ve visited him in his workshop several times, always the same question comes to my mind: “how can he master thousands of strings of his loom”?

I can confirm he’s a genius engineer of Moroccan traditional weaving, and we are really proud of him.

The brocart is known as the most expensive fabric weaved by the traditional loom, and made especially from pure silk, silver and gold lines.

Moroccan women order it for making luxurious Caftans, and it’s also the famous dress of Moroccan brides the night of the wedding ceremony.

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