Moroccan vintage architecture and home decor

handcrafted ornament in Moroccan home, Mosaic, plaster, wood, iron smith

Moroccan Home and Riad architecture, The purely Moroccan architecture is known by the method of traditional construction, this method is based on the construction of walls and pillars of the houses, Riads, and palaces by the technique of rammed earth. This technique is mixed by using the wood as pillars, support for above doors, windows, ceilings, and for the roofs. At the phase of the decoration, the craftsmen use five materials, Wood, Metal, Plaster, Mosaic, and glass Iraqi glass in different colors. Concerning the wood as first raw material carved or painted, is used for making and decorating doors, windows, and ceilings. The second material used for the home finishing and decoration, it’s the Mosaic, which decorate all the floors and walls of rooms, the bathroom, the kitchen, the roofs, and also the gardens. In the Third place we find the carved plaster in fascinating patterns in ceilings, sometimes alone and sometimes beautiful bands under the carved or painted wood. Also we find it on the doors and windows circles. About Metal, brassware or traditional ironsmith, are used in lightning and decoration, as Lusters, Lamps, Lanterns, shades. Furthermore craftsmen use them for making doors and windows, or for decorating them. The Iraqi glass is a fascinating decoration mixed always into plaster patterns or wood patterns, especially in windows.

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