Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs experienced a growth in popularity in the West with mid-century modern designers – such as Le Corbusier – who paired the thick piled Berber rugs with their sleekly designed furniture.

Moroccan rugs are hand-waved textile, almost made by the Berber tribes in Morocco. These rugs are popular all over the world because of their quality. Although they are all made in a similar way, there are four types of different materials generally used to create these rugs. These include the traditional wool, Vegetable silk, Cotton, and a mixture of cotton and nylon.

Morocco is known by the riches of rugs, these riches come from the regions where they come from, Berber or mountain rugs are the most popular by their varieties and wonderful colors and patterns. On the second side, in modern cities as Fez and Rabat we find two other kinds of carpet are taken the name of their origin cities.
The most in fashion of Berber rugs nowadays are Beni Ourain, Taznakht, and Boucherouite. But there are other beautiful berber rugs as Lwerzguiti rug of Ouarzazate, Zemouri rug of Azemmour, Tefelt rug of Tefelt.

Furthermore, Morocco is famous by the traditional weaving of textile waved by craftsmen using wooden looms. In spite of the poverty of productivity those craftsmen make a great and various kinds of blankets, scarves, kilim, towels, and vegetal silk fabric destined for Moroccan vintage clothing.

As rugs, Embroidery of Fez and Rabat are women specialty of fabric decoration, as Caftans, wedding blankets, tablecloth and napkins.

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