Mosaic Tiles & Ceramics production steps

Moroccan riad
The Moroccan process of producing pottery or mosaic tiles is the same for both, after refining the clay from tiny stones, the craftsman of modeling makes a various types of dishes or other kinds of pieces of arts by using a rotated axe he turns it by feet. On the other hand,  for the Mosaic, they cut it in a squares of 11 cm Tiles or in a small sizes depending to the final use. After drying the raw clay items under the sun, another craftsman refine the work of items while are still soft, after that they put them again under sun, and when they get dried they bake them in the oven. the following step is the painting of the pottery by specialist craftsmen using many kinds of colors especially the blue of Fez, after that they glaze pottery or mosaic tiles and they bake them for the last time in a high temperature it goes up to 1000 C° degrees. After two or three days of waiting the products to get cold slowly they take them out of the oven for sale.

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