Moroccan handcrafted arts heritage

Morocco is very known by its crafts, artisans and the quality of the handicraft products, especially the Moroccan rugs,the leather goods, the Moroccan vintage architecture and home decor with all handmade components in every corner of the daily lifestyle of Moroccans. 

This knowledge has been transmitted by generation to another since 12 centuries,  and was the secret behind the preservation of many old cities of the world such as Fez and Marrakesh.  

The artisans were and still being as the blood which circulating between their narrow streets , creating by their activities of more than 200 kinds of craft trades, and the dependence between each other is an enormous energies that give life durability for the old cities, the preservation of crafts, and a very important adding value for Morocco.  

Because we’re very aware of that, we’re trying by using our expertise in this field, and while working on our projects with our clients to rich their experience by helping them to be connected to the right artisans in a short time in every single services that we’re providing.    

While working with our clients, we like to share our news about Moroccan crafted arts, our educational tours about it, our documentaries and all the details about Moroccan crafts trades to rich the knowledge of our audiences.

Aziz El Ouahbi.

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