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In partnership with the Council of the Moroccan community abroad, Arts of Morocco care to realize all the products and provide all the information requested by the Tropenmuseum Junior of Amsterdam, which is part of the great National Museum of world cultures in the Netherlands, to enable them to create an exhibition as an old Medina (Fez as a model) that reflects the traditional Moroccan culture in all dimensions.
As for the information, “ARTS2MAROC” has provided all information relating to the culture and Moroccan traditions concerning the lifestyle and well being.
In addition, Arts of Morocco has performed, produced, selected and bought all products requested by the Museum for the completion of the exhibition.
Therefore, we have exported all kinds of Moroccan crafts:
– A complete Riad with an area of ​​nearly 180 sqm shipped as panels, of mosaic, plaster, large doors and windows carved or painted.
– 4 Moroccan lounges with all the components
– More than 40 old doors, carved, painted or metal buttons
– More than 40 wrought iron windows, carved wood, painted, or mixed
– All types of Moroccan pottery, modern or vintage
– All kinds of Moroccan furniture and accessories for decoration
– All types and sizes of Moroccan boxes, wooden, copper, or mixed
– Baskets, medicinal plants, spices and care items, for health or bath…
And more to discover on the site Tropenmuseum Junior.
All this by leveraging the expertise of the CEO, Mr AZIZ EL OUAHABI gained by direct contact with hundreds of Moroccan Artisans, and its market research studies in the field Moroccan crafts, knowing that Mr Aziz El Ouahabi was the first Head of Marketing of the first school of artisans in Morocco carried out a market survey of 25 Moroccan Craft trades. he has also a great connexion, communication, coordination, advice, and gives support to artisans.
The exhibition to be held next 16th October, 2015, and will be inaugurated by high personalities, will be a kind of a small model of an old Medina built on an area of ​​600 SQ M. Moreover, the exhibition will be full of activities animated by Dutch/Moroccan artists for children between the ages of 6 and 14 years old. This activity will last two years after the inauguration

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