Educational tours & films production about Moroccan crafts heritage

Do you want to learn more about Moroccan traditional crafts, or to make a film about it? 

  When a tourist wants to visit Morocco to discover and learn more about Moroccan craft’s history, artisans, crafts, and craft regions, first thing, he searches online to have some information, but it’s not all time clear, relevant and give the right idea about it. Therefore, it’s very important to hire an expert who has already a huge knowledge and can make your educational tour very easy, rich with information, and very well organised in a short time.

Besides, we’ll let let you learn about crafts trades, the best touristique destinations, and to enjoy Moroccan traditions especially the best Moroccan food flavors.

Arts of Morocco offering these services since 2014, for the first time when we collaborated on the Ziezo Marokko project for the National Museum of Netherlands, then for many clients till now.

The secrets behind, are the rich knowledge about Moroccan handicrafts, artisans stories and the craft regions.
Here bellow some pictures of our previous educational tours.



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