The Atlas rugs weavers

Women of Moroccan atlas mountains, weaving of rugs and blankets is most of their daily life, a very hard life in mountains especially in winter season with many days of daily snow.
This kind of life oblige atlas women since decades to weave their own rugs, blankets and kilims to survive and resist to the very cold season.
The extra weaved textile they sale it in the weekly souks to have an extra incomes for recovering other needs of food.
So the rug weaving it was a must of the atlas mountains women, and were always improving the design ad the quality to compete in local market and have part of it.
in terms of design of the atlas mountains rug, women weavers always embed into it symbols from nature and animals of their daily life in mountains.
Nowadays, like Aunty Yetto so many women in atlas are associated in cooperative to double effort and productivity that need the nowadays markets.

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