Aziz El ouahbi

Our philosophy

The story behind, 

    After years of direct work with artisans, designers, and artists as a Marketing Director at the first artisan school in Fez, I’ve achieved a market research of 25 Moroccan crafts during a period of 3,5 years. During this period i was using my skills and the experience acquired in my previous positions especially in home design and decor.

      After 3 years and half I developed my own vision about how to serve our dear artisans and connect them efficiently with their clients especially brands, designers, and artists, through facilitating communication, helping in design, in production oversee and export.

    Finally we’ve created our own company for consulting, artisan projects management, branding, sourcing, wholesale, film production, and educational travels about Moroccan handicrafts heritage and traditional culture.

  Besides, we’re  designing, creating and selling online a stunning handmade items made in collaboration with the finest Moroccan artisans.